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Corbett Safari

Enjoy the Ride of a Lifetime at the Corbett National Park

Situated in the lush greenery of the Uttarakhand landscape, Jim Corbett National park seems as magical as it is fabled. This prestigious park boasts of many different varieties of flora and fauna, some of which might even have become extinct but for the protection, it gets here. Hence, tigers crocodiles which are endemic fish eaters, rare species of otters etc., roam about on this 520 square kilometre of land with a freedom seldom seen elsewhere.

Its popularity among wildlife enthusiasts is primary because of the special treat they get here; the ability to watch this activity filled forest in absolute darkness. In fact, it is perhaps the only national park which allows night stay which in itself is an adventure beyond one’s comprehension.

Safari tours available here

To enable people to view wild animals as they should be viewed in their native circumstances, the national park arranges for three different modes of safari during the day. They are:

The jeep safari with the following features

o A maximum of 6 people is allowed in each jeep.

o Foreigners having to pay a bit more than Indian nationals for this awesome tour of the national park.

o The facility for this safari is present in all the different zones of the national park thereby enabling a maximum number of tourists to experience the rich wildlife present here.


Morning Timings – 06:00-09:00 hrs
Afternoon Timings – 1430-1730 hrs.

The canter safari whose important features are:

o It is relatively cheaper than the jeep safari
o Each canter can take a maximum of 16 people.
o This safari is only available at the Dhikala zone.

The elephant safari

can only be availed in the Corbett Landscape zone which is a newly opened reserve forest area outside the boundary of the Corbett Tiger reserve. Some of its important points are:

o A single elephant can take a maximum of 4 people.
o No advance booking is allowed for the elephant safari and it is subject to the availability of elephants.
o This safari only takes place in the Bijrani Zone and hence, people wanting to avail the same have to mandatorily book the jeep safari to reach this zone.

Booking for the jeep safari and the canter safari can be done online but travellers have to carry their identity proof as mentioned in the booking form with them. Booking for safari, once done can be cancelled but the booking charges still remain non-refundable. The prices which are mentioned on the internet are inclusive of the rates of the jeep or canter, the driver, any permits required, the guide and the service charge of the Jim Corbett National park. There are also several dos and don’ts which need to be strictly followed inside the restricted area of the national park as they have been set in accordance with the rules and regulation of the wildlife protection act of India.

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