Destination Wedding in Jim Corbett - Gorgeous Marriage Venue in Corbett


Get married with the magnificent Jim Corbett sunset as a backdrop, its vibrant colors filling the sky, setting the perfect ambiance for your perfect occasion. Winsome Resorts and Spa is the only resort in Jim Corbett National Park that can accommodate a wedding, reception or a ceremony for 150-1500 people. Winsome Resorts and Spa relieves you from the stress of organising a social gathering, wedding reception. Economical, breath-taking, and stress-fress, Destination Wedding are new attraction. Host a perfect, scenic, and mesmerising evening accompanied with your friends, and relatives and amid the natural beauty of Jim Corbett.

We keep in mind our client's basic requirements and ensure to fulfill them. Planning the social event, ceremony in tandem with the client, so that execution is to the satisfaction.

Our resort is perfect for the destination wedding & following types of social gatherings:

  • Ring Ceremony.
  • Mehndi Ceremony.
  • Sangeet Ceremony/DJ Night.
  • Wedding Ceremony.
  • Anniversary Celebration.
  • Family Functions.
  • Bachelor Party.
  • Terrace Party.
  • Birthday/Kitty Parties.
  • Launchings.
  • Theam Parties/Weddings.
  • Accommodation:

    Residential events, and conferences can be catered easily. Our 50+ luxury rooms, along with 2 presidential suite, and 2 honeymoon suite can easily accommodate around 50 to 170 Pax on single, double and even triple sharing.

    For additional accommodation we have tie-ups with surrounding resorts to provide us properties.


    Choose from indoor or outdoors spaces for your perfect occasions:


    Meeting indoor banquet hall,can accommodate around 50-200 persons ~2100 sqft.


    Scenery Located in beginning of the resort, Grassland 1 is outdoor green lawn area of about ~500 persons suitable for events and team activities.

  • Pool Party: With the Bar-be-Que with Swimming Pool Area in the middle of the resort, this green lawn area have capacity of 52 to 100 persons for an entertaining evenings, or staged meetings.
  • Forest View: Largest outdoor area in the Jim Corbett region, with an area for 250 to 500 persons can easily accommodate.
  • Terrace Party: Perfect to host events, and evening, right under the night sky or the morning sun with a capacity of about ~200 persons.

  • Winsome Destination Wedding in Jim Corbett Cost & Other Details

    Let's talk about the average cost of hosting a destination wedding at Winsome Resorts in Jim Corbett

    1) Venue(Winsome Resort & Spa,Jim Corbett)

    Big & Fat: While destination weddings are the big thing for now, even 2-3 days' palace weddings are the norm, provided you have anywhere above Rs 20-25 lakhs.


    Slim & Smart: Forget live entertainment, basic equipment alone costs Rs 50,000. Instead, invest in a standard DJ starts at Rs 12,000. Anchor/Announcer will mere cost Rs 25,000

    3) Decoration

    Big & Fat: The sky's the limit. But most of us are not steel barons that we can hire palaces, the stuff of KJo movies.
    Slim & Smart: Stick to traditional theme, that usually means cheap too. The three basic requirements are mandap, stage and entrance gates. The mandap, stage, entrance gate

    4) Catering

    Big & Fat: With the trend for multi-cuisine counters, cheese platters, chaat counters and authentic puraani Dilli set up of street shops, catering literally eats into your wedding budget. Wedding buffet Meals.
    Slim & Smart: The limit is 300-500 guests. Anything more and your wedding is borderline obese. Catering option , -vegetarian,non-vegetarian starters and standard main course.
    menu is your pick. People always remember the wedding for food. After all they are there for that only, spend a little extra here and cut corners elsewhere.

    5) Photography and Videography

    Big & Fat: Hire four-five videographers who shoot in HD quality and make sure you don't even miss the tayaji digging his nose in a corner. And hiring 3-4 photographers is a norm, including a candid photographer who will move around taking secret shots to capture tender moments. A wedding photographer Deepak Raja come for Rs 50,000-1 lakh.
    Slim & Smart: Photographers start from Rs 5,000 cover charge and Rs 35-100 per photo. But if you don't want the typical 'baraati' style memories of your wedding, hire a good photographer for Rs 10,000/-per day and a videographer for Rs 50,000-75,000/-per day. And go for a regular photo album for Rs 1lakh.

    6) Invitation Cards

    Get a designer wedding card for Rs 50 a piece (starting price) and accompany it with paraphernalia of almonds, god figurines and little chocolate boxes and what have you for a little more than Rs 3000 per invite.

    7) Mithai

    Big & Fat: Have the money, ignore the standard packaged options. The idea is to go for made-to-order mithai. Get Garg Sweets to whip up their best fare that starts at Rs 1,000 a kg.

    Slim & Smart: Go for a name everyone knows, safe and economical. Packaged mithai from Garg Sweets, starts at Rs 550 per kg for desi ghee boondi laddoos and Rs 800 per kg for kaju barfi.

    8) Sangeet

    Big & Fat: Sangeet in this category starts at Rs1 lakh-2 lakhs, all commensurate to the entertainment planned. Options starts from star performers to star DJs, audio visual presentations (of the girl's growing up years).

    Slim & Smart: Forget star performers and choreographed dances and frankly the AVs are usually an embarrassment, make it a complete family affair and go for a D.J NIGHT.(Rs 15000).

    9) The Bar

    Big & Fat: Bars at the wedding-cum-reception are better stocked than your local pub. Only the best from Blue Label to the best French and sparkling wines are served at most weddings now.

    Slim & Smart: So what if you are not serving single malts, no one's looking for one at a wedding. Stock good IMFL whiskies (which are the most expensive), a mix of wine (mostly red), rum and beer and you are set. Plus, factor in some costs for the bar set up.

    Budget: Rs 1500 PER PERSONS FOR 2 HRS.


    Fire Works : Rs.10,000-25,000 for 30min.

    Lightining : Rs 75,000 to 1,50,000 for 02 Days

    Other Facilities at Winsome - Luxurious Destination Wedding Resort in Jim Corbett National Park

    For the Bride

    Makeup: A neighbourhood parlour paint job starts at Rs 3,000 but good makeup artists charge Rs 25,000 and some even go up to Rs 75,000.

    Mehendi: The market boy can do it for you for Rs 500 per hand.

    Wedding Dress: Starts at Rs 30,000 with premium designer pieces retailing at Rs 2 lakhs.

    Jewellery: Depends, can start at Rs 50,000-3lakhs and run into 5 lakhs

    For the Groom

    Sehra: Rs 1,000-10,000(for barati also).

    RETURN GIFT/BHAJI: Rs. 400-900/-person.


    Looking for resorts in jim corbett for your dream wedding?

    In the heart of nature with a forest backdrop & pure sound of birds singing, Winsome offers a naturally beautiful setting for a destination wedding at Corbett National Park.

    FAQs related to Luxurious Destination Wedding in Jim Corbett National Park

    Here are some frequently asked questions about planning a destination wedding at Jim Corbett National Park:


    What documents do I need to get married at Jim Corbett National Park?

    You will need a marriage license from the local government office in the area where you plan to hold your wedding. You may also need to obtain permission from the park authorities to hold your wedding in the park.

    Can I hire a wedding planner to help with the arrangements?

    Yes, you can hire a local wedding planner or event coordinator to help with the arrangements for your destination wedding at Jim Corbett National Park. They can assist with everything from finding the perfect venue to organizing transportation for your guests.

    What venues are available for a wedding at Jim Corbett?

    There are a number of hotels and resorts in the area that offer wedding packages, including the Winsome Resort. The Winsome Resort is a luxury property located on the banks of the Kosi River, and it offers a range of indoor and outdoor venues for weddings and other events.

    How do my guests get to Jim Corbett National Park?

    Jim Corbett National Park is located in a remote area, so you will need to provide transportation for your guests to and from the park. The nearest major airport is located in New Delhi, which is about 270 kilometers from the park. From there, you can arrange for private transportation or hire a coach to bring your guests to the park.

    What is the weather like at Jim Corbett National Park?

    The weather at Jim Corbett National Park can vary greatly depending on the time of year. In the summer months, the weather is hot and dry, with temperatures reaching as high as 40 degrees Celsius. In the winter months, the weather is cooler and more pleasant, with temperatures averaging around 20 degrees Celsius. It is important to consider the weather when planning your destination wedding at Jim Corbett National Park and choose a time of year that is suitable for you and your guests.

    What is Jim Corbett Destination wedding cost?

    (Following details of this article is not updated so actual cost may differ)

    The cost of a destination wedding at Jim Corbett National Park can vary greatly depending on the services and amenities that you choose. According to the information provided, venues like Winsome Resort & Spa can cost anywhere from INR 20-25 lakhs for a 2-3 day palace wedding. Other costs to consider include entertainment, which can range from INR 12,000 for a standard DJ to INR 50,000 for live entertainment; decoration, which can start at INR 3,000 for traditional themes and go up from there; catering, which can cost anywhere from INR 300-500 per person for a standard menu to more for multi-cuisine options; photography and videography, which can start at INR 5,000 and go up to INR 1 lakh or more; invitation cards, which can start at INR 50 per piece; mithai, which can start at INR 550 per kg for packaged options or INR 1,000 per kg for made-to-order mithai; sangeet, which can start at INR 15,000 for a DJ night or go up to INR 2 lakhs or more for star performers and AV presentations; the bar, which can cost around INR 1,500 per person for 2 hours; and fireworks and lighting, which can cost anywhere from INR 10,000-25,000 for 30 minutes of fireworks and INR 75,000-1,50,000 for 2 days of lighting. Other amenities at Winsome Resort, such as makeup, hairdressing, and bridal trousseau, can also add to the cost of the wedding.