Commando Bridge, Jim Corbett Safari

Commando Bridge

Kids, youngsters and adults all can do Commando Bridge , Wall & Net activity.Commando net is guided by professionals who ensure earnest security of all our customers.Know how to perform adventurous activity like Net Climbing from our professionals.

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Outdoor Game, Corbett Resort with spa

Outdoor Games

Sports enthusiasts can indulge in a variety of outdoor games Enjoy Outdoor play area with Slides Swings See-Saw Cricket Badminton

Conference Hall, jim corbett resort booking

Conference Hall

Winsome Resort provides Conference Hall FOCUS ON THE RIGHT AGENDAS AND HOLD SPECIAL MEETINGS Concentrate.

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Swimming Pool, Jim Corbett Resort with swimming pool

Swimming Pool

Splurge yourself in refreshing water at the Swimming Pool apt for adults and children alike. The Pool is 25 by 50 feet. And 3 feet to 5 feet in depth Making it apt for your water games and swimming strokes. A special Child Pool of 8 by 10 ft and[…]

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Gym, jim corbett resorts


Stay healthy in your holidays ! State-of-the-art Gym with all modern machines will make your stay at Win Some healthier! A spacious Gym with Multi gym and other latest machines and facilities. Cycles Twister Cross trainers Dumbles


Indoor Game, corbett jungle resort

Indoor Games

Lighten up, unwind, or simply challenge your friends and relatives to these engaging games during your stay at Corbett.. IN-HOUSE ACTIVITIES FOR YOU TO NEVER GET BORED Table Tennis Sit back, and sip that tension away[…]

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Parking, corbett resorts


Indulge in relaxation and rejuvenation at our world-class spa in the heart of our resort. Experience the ultimate in pampering and self-care as our expert therapists treat you to a range of luxurious treatments and therapies.


Parking, corbett resorts


Resorts provide ample Parking Space – Over 40 cars