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Festival of lights... ‘Diwali’ is the celebration of the return of Lord Ram from his 14 years of exile to Ayodhya. But unlike other parts of Northern India, the state of Uttarakhand, celebrates Diwali in its own unique way.

In the Jaunsar-Bawar region of Uttarakhand, Deepavali is celebrated a month after its celebrated in rest of India.

According to the interesting folklore of this region, it is said that the news of the return of lord Ram reached late being a hilly region. Hence the festival of ‘Diyai’ which is the local name of Diwali, is celebrated on the full moon night after Deepavali.

Another common reason for the late celebration of Deepalvali is that, mostly the villagers are farmers and it’s a busy time of harvest in this region. So once the villagers have completed the toiling in their fields, they celebrate ‘Diyai’.

The celebration continues till the next morning, when one member of every family visits other households and is offered tea and chiwra (beaten rice). In the morning all the families offers walnuts to the temple and in the evening the pandit distributes the walnuts among the devotees.

Finally the next morning a procession starts from the temple carrying the idol on a dola. The person who carries the wooden dola of the idol has to perform five rounds of dance accompanied by local people. The procession comes to an end with idol returning to the temple and all the villagers enjoying a cup of tea at the house of the person who carried the dola.

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