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This time of the year, Corbett will mesmerise you with rain washed leaves, cool wind, earthy smell of wood. You could enjoy chirping sounds of variety of birds and stand a chance of viewing Tiger as well but this is not why you should visit Corbett.

Instead the region is waiting to introduce your child to the millions of galaxies in the sky to experience different shade of Diwali called Boodhi Diwali.

Also famous as Diwai celebrated by the tribe of Jaunsari Diyai which is connected with harvesting. Diyai is the celebrated post harvesting of rice and the local millet named ‘ Mandula’ and the farmers decorate their whole fields with the diyas post completion of harvesting. Like any other festival, this special time is celebrated with some special sweets or can be called as local snacks also: ‘Mooda’, which is a mixture of wheat, jaggery and bhang seeds.

Even the’ thati-mati puja’ which is done in this period, is believed to be a tradition followed from the period of Pandavas. As per the knowledgeable locals this puja is performed to divide the land among the brothers. To add to this glamour of Diyai the local fills the air with rustic songs and dance which tells tales from the Mahabharata.

Now if all this sounds exciting and you want to pack your bags with family to visit Jim Corbett then Winsome spa Resort is waiting to host you. The resort will greet you with some flavoursome dishes specially arranged for this gala celebration. The menu has a combination of some local dishes of celebration and some common mouth watering options to enjoy.

On the whole an absolute exciting time to run away from the choking Diwali to eco-friendly Diyai with full of fireworks which you could remember for a life time.

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