Jhirna Zone ( One of the best safari zones for tiger sightings in Jim Corbett )

Best Safari Zones in Jim Corbett

If you think that you have visited Jim corbett for a number of times and no more, then this time choose Jhirna to enter this spectacular park which is one of the few gates which is open all through the year. There lies an interesting story behind the name of this gate as well. In 1994 under the Project Tiger, the complete National Park was revisited to increase the land coverage for Tiger reservation. Under this project certain villages like Kothirau, Dhar and Jhirna were included and the human settlement was relocated. Since then the gate was named as Jhirna and once inhabited by humans, now is cheerfully enjoyed by the four footed ones accompanied by colourful birdies and bright butterflies.

Top Safari Zones in Jim Corbett

The zone is in the southernmost part of the National Park which is a treasure of mother nature. Something which instantly will come to your notice is the huge dry grassland in this Zone to begin with. Due to this it’s also easy for the visitors to spot animals easily in this zone.

Best Safari Zones for Tiger Sighting in Jim Corbett National Park

Often we are rooted with the thought that Safari is about spotting animals but it’s also about knowing some exciting facts about the flora and fauna of the place. One such fact is about the famous Rohini tree which is found easily in this zone which is also known as kumkum tree. The tree has a fruit which has some red colured powder which is used for die. Most interestingly it is the favourite food of elephants. There is hardly a chance that the elephant can walk past a Rohini tree without breaking a branch for eating. So in your next safari if you find a Rohini tree branch lying, understand that one such elephant or a few had a tasty meal of the day. Additionally the region is covered with trees of Sal and Teak which are known for its grand wood quality.

Best Resort in Jim Corbett National Park

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