First Time for Safari in Jim Corbett with Winsome Resort and Spa

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This summer are you planning to take an enjoyable safari but are you a first time?

Safari is not about only spotting animals but it’s about experiencing the life of the four legged friends in their own house. It's nothing less than a surreal experience. Before even making a plan you must.

These tips will be ready to follow for an pleasurable experience:

1. Time of the safari is the ultimate choice: Usually the jungle starts its life in the morning so an early morning slot is the best. However one must choose it keeping the weather, visitors. Like if you are travelling with children and old aged people then early could be difficult.

2. Carry for safari: Don’t forget a sun glasses, hat or cap, to wear sunscreen, carry medicines, water specially travelling with children and elders, wear a comfortable pair of shoes and wear cotton clothes.

3. Advance booking: It’s a good idea to book the tickets in advance to get the preferred slot.

4. Choice of the vehicle: Most of the safari will have options of Jeeps, Canters or buses. Hence for more privacy the jeeps are a better option. Wherein the buses and cantors are budget friendly and have more leg space. So choose wisely.

Beside the comfort of you as a visitor, never forget that going for safari is about visiting your friends house and every house has certain rules to follow. Similarly Safari demands certain respectful behaviour from all of us. Safari will be a learning experience for all of you.

1. General Jungle guideline: It’s essential to abide by the guidelines of the jungle shared by the guide. Creating noise, getting down from the vehicle and throwing items in the jungle.

2. Being Patience: Animal spotting does not happen automatically. One has to be patient and watchful to enjoy seeing the wild animals in their own habitat.

3. Be quiet: Our quadruped buddies are scared of noise so it’s crucial to maintain silence while waiting for them to pay us a close visit. It's time for us parents to train our kids to be quiet for a closer look at them.

4. Keep nature natural: Be thoughtful and don’t make it an urban dump ground. Carry an extra Polly bag with you to throw the garbage. It’s an absolute responsibility of each visitor to respect the natural face of the Jungle.

Listening to the guides is essential as we have been invited to our friend’s house. It is vital that we do respect the privacy of the residents. Enjoying this experience solely depends on our restrained and chivalrous behavior.

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