Holi Celebration in Jim Corbett - Winsome Resorts

Holi Celebration in Jim Corbett

Magnetic Holi Celebration in Jim Corbett National Park - Winsome Resorts

The onset of spring brings colours in our life with budding flora. In today’s busy life it is the end of the exam season and usually the bags are packed for an enjoyable vacation. We at Winsome Resort are waiting to be your host for a gala Holi party ( Holi Celebration in Jim Corbett - Winsome Resorts ) with a fusion of traditional and modern activities.

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Spring is a celebration of flora and fauna of every region, so we could only choose the beautiful rosy red drink of Buranch sharbat for your welcome drink which is a speciality of Uttarakhand. The luxurious rooms at Winsome is neatly tucked with all the modern amenities to help your family and friends unwind the stress of the trip after an elaborate lunch.

Holika Dahan Celebration in Jim Corbett

In the modern era certain traditional celebrations are taking their last breath. The magnetic bonfire festival of Holika Dahan is also losing its charm in a few places but we have planned this traditional bonfire festival for all our guests. Let our younger generation feel the warmth of the fire and also pray to lord Vishnu for the wellbeing of the world. This bright evening will be accompanied with Hi-Tea, Live signing with Bonfire and flavourful dinner.

Holi Celebration in Jim Corbett National Park

The colourful morning of Holi begins with a yummy breakfast. The special décor at the big lawn of Winsome Resorts promises you a fun filled Holi with herbal colors, juicy gujiya, variety of sweets and a chaat counter. To bring back your childhood memories, we have added a dose of thandai, energetic rhythms of Dhol and DJ. And with that we promise you a background filled with colours, flowers, laughter, music and pure enjoyment. The highlight of the afternoon is the rustic cuisine of Uttarakhandi in lunch to steak your heart.

Swimming Pool Party in Jim Corbett

We have designed a soothing evening at the poolside with Hi tea, some soulful live music and abundance of lazy time with family. The day closes with a scrumptious dinner which has been craft full designed by our chef keeping the celebration palate of our guests.

The next day we bid good bye to all you with a wholesome breakfast and loads of joyful memories only to return.

This 2 days 3 nights package of Holi Party is waiting for you at Winsome Resort, Jim Corbett. See you soon.

We at Winsome Resort & Spa (Holi Celebration in Jim Corbett), would like to host and facilitate your travel experience in Jim Corbett, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. You enjoy a variety of amazing activities such as wall climbing, rappelling, free fall, trampoline and so on in our hotel. If you are one of them, who always want to try something adventurous and full of fun then these activities will truly make you have an excellent experience.

Winsome Resort is one of the best rated resort in Jim Corbett for Wild life experience.

So visit Jim Corbett and stay at Winsome Resort & Spa (Best Resorts in Jim Corbett, Ramnagar) learn more from Jungle.

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At Winsome Resort & Spa (Best Resorts in Jim Corbett), located in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, we are eagerly awaiting for the opportunity to enhance your Jim Corbett experience. Our resort offers an array of exhilarating activities—from wall climbing to free fall — that promise unforgettable moments of adventure and joy. For those seeking thrills amidst breathtaking natural beauty, Winsome Resort & Spa (Luxurious Resorts in Jim Corbett) stands as a premier destination for wildlife encounters in Jim Corbett.

Winsome Resort & Spa (Top Resorts in Jim Corbett) is one of the best rated resort in Jim Corbett for Wild life experience.

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